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Comment Policy

Comments are welcome on the blog, whether they are in agreement or disagreement of any view expressed in a post. There are, however, comments that will not be approved for publishing if they include the following:

1) Vulgar language.

This blog is meant to be accessible to anyone, and vulgar language detracts from that mission. In the same way that some people will not view an “R-Rated” movie due to vulgarity–as is their right–many people will not feel comfortable reading a blog that includes vulgarity in the comments. Please be respectful of others in your use of language.

2) Spiteful/Insulting Comments.

One can disagree without being reduced to spiteful or insulting remarks. Whether in response to a post or another comment, all comments must maintain civility, if not a spirit of love.

Again, disagreement is welcome; and healthy, constructive discussion is of course welcome. Spiteful and/or insulting comments detracts from that and from civil, mature discussion.

3) Spam. The blog has automatic filters that have already caught hundreds of spam (advertising) comments, but it should go without saying (although I am taking the precaution of saying it) that spam will not be approved. I’m sure no one is surprised 🙂

On Anonymous Comments

The desire, or even need, of some people to maintain a level of anonymity is understood and respected. No comment that is not in violation of the above will be rejected on the basis of the anonymity of the author.

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