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Carthartic Words

January 9, 2012

Over the past few years various people have suggested I write a Christianity-based blog, with a focus on apologetics. I thought apologetics was already very well covered, so I never gave it more than a passing thought. I still think apologetics is well-covered in the blogosphere, and am hesitant to be what would likely be redundant.

Recently, though, I’ve come across a small number of writings and other forms of teaching that did scripture no big favors in terms of illumination. As a layman, it always takes me by surprise to see someone who is, at least partly by profession, a “teacher”, be inept to a certain degree in their endeavor.

As a layman, I look (ie: listen and/or read) to teachers to learn, and when it’s a case that *I* have to correct the teacher, it’s certainly not a case of role-reversal, because I certainly do not have the background, education, appropriate degree(s), or any other thing that a real teacher has in their resume; and so it’s a very frustrating thing for me to experience. Well I’ve had one too many of those experiences, and as a cathartic response to the frustration I’ve started this blog, which will largely focus on finding Jesus. Where? Anywhere and everywhere. Along the way there will undoubtedly be an infusion of apologetics, but that wont be the sole focus.

The first article will focus, at least in part, on finding Jesus in a passage of scripture that most people seem to miss–including a recent blog article, which was the proverbial “straw” that lead to this blog.

I hope and pray it will be used in some way for the kingdoms purpose.


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